Pure Altitude Trousse

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30 ml Lait des Alpes,
Eye-and make-up remover with edelweiss and arnica.
Action: face is perfectly celansed, leaves skin feeling soft

Creme Nutrialpes 20 ml
Smooth textured regenerating and nourishing cream.
action: nouishes skin deep down. A hydrating treatment to combat the first singns of ageing.

Serum gel contour des yeux 7 ml
Eye contour cream that drains and instantly decongests.
Action: specifically targets dark circles and wrinkles around the eye

Baume des montagnes 18 g
SOS repair balm for face and body. its gentle formula soothes minor skin irritation caused by sun, wind and friction.
Action: reparis soothes protecs and nourishes the skin.