Forza Suprema 50 ml Edp Cigno Nero


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Forza Suprema 50 ml Edp Cigno Nero


It is the fragrance capable of helping those who have a business to accomplish, those who need courage and power, those who must rely on their strength to carry out a  project and achieve a result. It is a  perfume with strong, powerful and decisive scents . It consists of notes that, by tradition of ancient olfactory practices, are capable of instilling courage, energy, strength and vitality.

The Dragon, the mythological andlegendary animal associated with the fragrance, indicates the reference to the supernatural , the mysterious, the need for the energy necessary to favor important changes.

Heart notes describe the strength through leather and mystic incense.

top: bergamot, ginger, neroli

hart: leahter, cistus labdanum, birch, unsweetened cocoa , nutmeg

basis: incens, vetiver, cashmeres, musk


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