Pura Essenza 50ml Edp Cigno Nero


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Pura Essenza 50ml Edp Cigno Canto

(oriental/spicy) puurheid, rechtvaardigheid, sensibiliteit, mystiek

Warm, powerful and intoxicating hints describe the character of a pure, innocent, sensitive and spiritual personality.

The legendary animal associated with these noble characteristics is the Unicorn. Myths tell that he had a sweet and elegant appearance but a superb and  proud character. mythological creature with the body of a horse with a single horn in the middle of the forehead, it is endowed with magical powers, and is a symbol of wisdom, nobility and purity .

This perfume starts with a sensual and intoxicating top note of jasmine which excites burning the heart of every creature with passion and love; then he embraced agar wood (oud) evoking mysticism and spirituality.

top: jasmijn , sichuan’s pepper, red berries

hart: leather, storace

base: benzoin, musk, agarwood (oud)


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