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Your strength and your self-confidence merge with QUANTUM MOLéCULE

into a whole new power – your energy molecule. Southern Sicilian bergamot, patchouli and dream wood have a clear and strong effect on your senses and let you wake up as if after a long winter sleep. Charged, invigorating and electrifying – the sparkling chords give you an irresistible attraction and lightness that surprises you every day

Welcome to the future!

The latest molecular technology meets the wonder of nature. A fragrance can bring back lost memories and evoke unknown emotions. Zarko’s latest development gives you the recharge in daily life that everyone needs and gives you an undeniable energy boost. The molecules contained in the top note are particularly small and develop their fresh and energetic fragrance explosively within seconds. The heavier molecules are in the base note and need some time to fully develop. These have a particularly sensual effect and, when combined with energy, transform into a pleasantly revitalizing fragrance that develops with your personal aura into a powerful, individual mix. Benefit from the power of our QUANTUM MOLECULE and discover your personal new start. Freshness, strength, confidence for the day, energy boost, effervescent, spring, recharging, power, clarity.


South Sicilian bergamot – mandarin – pineapple – Danish blackcurrant – apple.


Jasmin –Turkish rose absolou – patchouli – white woods


Vanilla – chocolate – white sensual musk – dreamwood


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