Dolce Canto 50 ml Edp Nero Canto


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Dolce Canto 50 ml Edp Nero Canto

(fruity/flower/ozonic) verleiding, charme, passie, eros, verleiding

A secuctive, passionate, sensual, carnal and intoxicating fragrance. A fatal weapon of conquest. Typical and refined ozone, floral and marine scents bring to mind myths related to a seductive, disturbing, tempting, busty femininity. The elixer of lovers captures and bewitches the heart and mind of anyone who smells this aroma.

Mermaids have always been the emblem of an irresistible and seductive call of love.

This perfume is a tribute to beauty and seduction. The note of Cassis and Pink lady apple, in the top notes evoke the charm and disturbing beauty of a hypnotic sensuality.

top: Cassis, Pink Lady Apple

hart; Jasmine, Cardamom, Seawood, Ginger

bases: Cedarwood, Santal Musk



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